Recording Bromptoux

I’m taking a Nexus 5 with me for navigation and to take photo’s but I now have a bonus, and novel way, of catching some other photos as I go.

The guys at OMG Life have lent me an Autographer, wearable camera. It’s a great piece of kit. You can either wear it round your neck or clipped to your shirt, or leave in the corner of the room minding it’s own business. It takes images automatically,  using  very clever algorithms, and data from a number of sensors, in order  to decide when is the best time to take an picture. You can then stitch these into a timeline and re-live your experiences, without the need to think about taking photo’s all the time. Clever stuff.

I may try wearing it for some of the trip, but I’ll definitely have it attached to the bike when we go up Mont Ventoux. I’ve fabricated a bike mount so that it can be fixed to the handlebars, capturing my view as I climb, and climb, and climb…

Thanks to OMG for lending it to me.


Autographer camera attached to homemade mount.


Homemade mount.


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